Games & Sports
September 15, 2016

Sports foster friendship and amity. Participation in games and sports

invariably ensures good health, fitness

and, generally, freedom from ailments of various types. Physical fitness

is essential for proficiency in studies and for winning distinctions in examinations. Exercise in some form or another is necessary, and sports provides an easy method to ensure such fitness. Regular participation in sports provides a healthy channel for diversion of energies.

The vital values that can be inculcated vide sports include;

  • Discipline
  • Co-operative effort
  • Team spirit- work together
  • Cult of sportsmanship
  • Joint devotion of achieving a common goal
  • Appreciate winning/ losing equally
  • The statement that “the battle of Waterloo was won on the playfields of Eton”, implying that playing games and the spirit of sportsmanship help to inculcate lasting values, which make for good soldiers, good fighters and good discipline, apart from promoting 100 per cent physical fitness.

At JSS, to promote this healthy spirit among the children, many indoor/ outdoor games form the part of school curriculum. Extra coaching for the interested students has been organized in volley ball, throw ball, Foot Ball, Basket Ball, Chess, Table Tennis, Shuttle badminton.