Mother Teresa quotes, “Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition and listening to his voice in the depth of our hearts.”

The school ground blazing with bright sun light decked with neatly dressed children marks every day’s morning assembly session. The student body SARVAJNA, assemble in the school’s ground. It creates positive reflective ethos and promotes value based education. It enables pupils to develop the deepest faith and aspirations of human spirit. It is also a platform where pupils are invited to consider their inner capabilities and positive worth. It creates a community feeling and paves way to learn academic stuff in a more structured environment.

The school prefects lead the assembly session and conduct the proceedings by timely commands and the pledge. The school choir group sings the prayer song and naadageethe melodiously for which whole school joins their voice.

We weild purposeful and productive education that makes pupils better beings in all walks of life. Like an untiring potter at work on a wheel, who gives shape to his pots, meticulously cutting out the rough edges for a perfect finish to his product, the school is genuinely concerned to impart and enhance a sound mental, moral and spiritual robustness, ethical seriousness and discipline of mind. They are favoured with excellent talent show by giving opportunity for public speech to explore all frontiers of knowledge.

Pupils, by turn, come on to the stage to give a glimpse of what is happening around us in the form of news followed by a very motivational public speech. Morning assembly also is a stage to wish little ones who celebrate their birthdays. Students who win various competitions are duly honoured. CCA and other prizes are also announced. The vital announcements pertaining to the school is brought to the notice of students and staff by the Principal. The achievers in various intra and interschool literary, sports and cultural activities are recognized by rewarding them. It is formally concluded with national anthem. The whole troupe march towards their respective classes to the beat of drums.