Our students of class 8 visited the Gandhi Krushi Kendra (GKVK) to learn about the vast subject- Agriculture. They were guided by a resource person of GKVK- Dr Pavan Kumar, Assistant Professor of the Agronomy sector. He explained the importance of agriculture, the basic requirements and what they focus on researching at GKVK. Students visit started at 9:30 am and came to an end at around 2:30pm. They first visited the Agronomy Department where they explained them the uses of different agricultural implements on the field. Later they visited the Animal Husbandry Department where they briefed the importance of animal rearing. Then they visited the Horticultural Department where they exhibited the method of grafting and its uses. After that they proceeded to the seed processing and storage unit where they explained about the conditions required preventing a seed from rotting. After a short break, students visited the sericulture or silk worm rearing unit where they were told about the types of silk worms, their habitats, what they feed on and the variety of colour in their cocoons. It was a very educative and interactive trip. Children learnt so much that they didn’t want the trip to come to an end.