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The School follows the concept of continuous and comprehensive evaluation. Instructions are designed to assist children how to learn. The assessment includes:

  • Oral Testing
  • Home Assignments, Teacher Observations
  • Class Tests/ projects/seminars
  • Inspection of Note books
  • Participation in Activities and exhibition of their hidden talents which may be in the field of sports, fine arts, music, dance, drama and other activiaties
  • Use of Reading Materials
  • Examination

Regular attendance, performance in Continuous Evaluation is considered for promotion to the next class. Quality education for every student is the aim and children are urged to limit dependence on private tuitions. Individual attention is provided to develop oral and written expression. Our effort is to encourage self-learning, while developing the mind, body and spirit.

Learning is achieved by Student-centric learning, Project-based studies, Creativity, Citizenship-education through community projects.

We understand that students are all individuals and have diverse needs. We support those who may need occasional assistance in ways appropriate to their needs and to stretch those who may pull ahead of their peers. Thus, our planning ensures that all students are equipped to meet their potential. Assessment is ongoing and varied. Examinations and tests are students’ portfolios, written oral tasks, multiple choice tests as well as teacher observations. At all levels, students need to demonstrate critical enquiry, research skills, and an ability to place their knowledge into practical contexts.