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School trips and excursions come in all forms and sizes. From half-day drives to the local park to a camping trip out of the city, field trips present a way for teachers to approach knowledge in a completely new way and for kids to have fun while learning.

Field trips give children a chance to experience hands-on learning while also being introduced to new environments.

The boredom of the classroom may lead some kids to lose interest in a particular subject. This is especially true for difficult subjects, but it can happen with pretty much anything.

Also, new environments can provide challenges that allow for more individual learning, while classroom teaching is often generalized and many times targeted to the slowest learners in the group.
During field trips, kids have a chance to go the extra step and take on as much information as they want and can.
Field trips are a great way to cement difficult information. Historical facts, biology knowledge or even physics and chemistry can be experienced first- hand during a field trip.

Depending on the type of field trip, teachers can take advantage of this by allowing kids to not only observe but also to actively participate in the events going on around them.
While tests and classroom education may not work so great for some kids, field trips put everybody at the same level, as the learning is experienced, rather than taught. Field trips can also be a great way to provide interaction among subjects.

Children are taken on field trips on a regular basis to explore and learn from the environment.


Excursions to various places involving stay for a day or two help children in not only adding to their academics but also other skills like social adjustments, cooperation, care & share etc.