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“Theory and research suggest that meaningful learning is possible in laboratory activities if all students are provided with opportunities to manipulate equipment and materials while working cooperatively with peers in an environment in which they are free to pursue solutions to problems that interest them” So at JSS we have a special English Language Lab for the students.

English Language Lab is a network based teaching software designed to improve teaching English language in the school English Language Lab enables a teacher to remotely control, monitor, broadcast, and assist students. With powerful functions English Language Lab not only facilitates the teaching process but also brings fun and efficiency to learning. It has been greatly beneficial for the students.

As each student has his/her own console with a headset they have one of the main advantages of practicing on their own i.e. in other words privacy. So they can do their pronunciation, listening, reading, writing & speaking comfortably on their own. If they have any doubts they could discuss with the teacher directly from their own station, instead of disturbing the entire class. Moreover, our virtual recording feature helps them: listen, repeat, record and compare, which is one of the most important aspects of any Language Lab.

The English Language Lab aims to enhance proficiency in Spoken English through its emphasis on activity-based learning. The Lab organizes a host of contests right through the year to promote confidence-building and personality development.

The Language Lab trains students in Spoken English through a well-defined curriculum and focus on the skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing
The Literary Associations conduct sundry intra school competitions through the year to help children polish their language skills