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Recognising the need for awareness of current affairs and the constantly changing social, cultural and economic environment, daily perusal of newspapers is promoted through the ‘Newspaper-in-Education’ (NIE) programme.

WHAT does NIE do?

The mission of the program is to instill daily reading habits. Newspapers provide an economical, flexible tool to motivate students in building basic literacy skills, develop critical thinking abilities and foster an understanding of human events at all age and skill levels.

NIE works as a cooperative effort between The Mining Journal and 31 schools/adult education programs in the central U.P. to use the newspaper as a tool for instruction.

Through the Newspaper Association of America Foundation, curriculum guides and special event supplements are published and distributed to newspapers hosting a NIE program.

These programs and guides are then offered to teachers who can incorporate the material into their classroom agendas on the days they receive the newspapers. The end-users of NIE are the teachers who use it as they see fit.

The ultimate beneficiary are the students who are exposed to a “living textbook” that is current, interesting and educational.

The school supports the NIE program as it

  • Encourages students to become involved in their community and their world.
  • Cultivates tomorrow’s newspaper readers, tomorrow’s problem solvers, tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Also provides excellent, low-cost teaching material.