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The study of people, places, and environments enables us to understand the relationship between human populations and the physical world.

Students learn where people and places are located and why they are there. They examine the influence of physical systems, such as climate, weather and seasons, and natural resources, such as land and water, on human populations. They study the causes, patterns and effects of human settlement and migration, learn of the roles of different kinds of population centers in a society, and investigate the impact of human activities on the environment.

This enables them to acquire a useful basis of knowledge for informed decision-making on issues arising from human-environmental relationships.

  • The solution is focused on developing higher order thinking skills in children.
  • The hands-on learning kits are targeted towards stimulating young minds.
  • Hands on learning for highest form of understanding
  • Help students to remember the concepts better
  • Students feel accomplishment when a task is completed
  • Helps to transfer the experience to other learning situations
  • For this purpose a separate Social Science Lab is provided to the students at JSS.